Check Out the Drone Footage of Apple's Nearly Completed $5 Billion Campus

Shelby Rogers

Apple keeps upping its game with a new $5 billion facility in Cupertino, California. The headquarters -- named Apple Park -- is in its final stages of completion. Between the Steve Jobs Theater to its extensive solar paneling, the Apple campus had a lot of construction. For the last several months, Matthew Roberts flew his drone over the site. The progress from the first video to this one is quite impressive given the grand scope of it all.

Despite continuing construction on certain buildings, Apple employees started moving in last month. The company appears to be planting a lot of trees as well. The mature trees will give the area a more natural feel in a matter of months rather than years. Apple also planned on reusing the dirt dug up for construction. This led to a giant mountain of sand and dirt seen in other videos. However, this new drone footage shows a plateau of dirt. It's a testament to precisely how much construction has been cleaned up and finalized.

Business Insider noted that Apple will have more parking spaces than offices due to local parking regulations. This is great news for both employees and visitors as the two groups shouldn't have to compete for a parking spot.

The company will have a kiosk for tourists and visitors. The sleek center looks rather tiny right now. However, the company said it will coordinate formal tours of the facility once construction is complete and everyone is moved in.

Via Maverick Media/ Matthew Roberts


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