This Drone Toilet Papers Houses With Maximum Efficiency

The classic children's prank has gotten a bizarre update thanks to technology.
Derya Ozdemir

Toilet papering, also known as TP-ing, house wrapping, yard rolling, or simply rolling, someone's lawn, trees, or house is an irritating but rather harmless prank enjoyed by children of all ages. It is especially common in the United States, with most 'attacks' taking place on Halloween or April Fools' Day.

However, needless to say, toiler papering can be exhausting to execute thanks to all the throwing one has to do. Throwing countless toilet paper rolls in such a way that they unfurl in midair and fall on the targeted object in different streams is not an easy task after all.

In this video by the YouTuber TheBackyardScientist, you can see how technology can be utilized to improve the quality and efficiency of this prank — by using a drone, of course. The end product can toilet-paper people's houses with maximum efficiency and is basically a kid's dream. If you're curious to see how they build a toilet paper-spewing drone, make sure you watch the video above.  

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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