Dutch Craftsman Creates a Giant Robo-Arm from Scratch in This Hour-Long Saga

One metalworker traded making swords for making massive robotic arms and documented the whole thing.
Shelby Rogers

If Freerk Wieringa has his way, we could see a real-life version of the Iron Giant. Technically, a Steel Giant.

However, Wieringa’s specialty isn’t in building robots. Wieringa, a Dutch artist and craftsman, is best known for his steel work. He makes custom knives, swords, and daggers -- but he’s taking a step into building robotics.

According to Wieringa’s video description, this is just part one of building a massive exoskeletal system. As he explained, the final product will be a “giant exoskeletal controlled completely analogue humanoid robot.”

Wieringa documented the entire process. He painstakingly places the outlines on the unformed and unshaped steel. He creates every hinge with care and precision. What’s even more impressive toward the midway point of the video is remembering Wieringa doesn’t have a background in robotics. He opts out of using a RaspberryPi or other electronic system to move the arm, instead going for hydraulics.

The scale and size of the arm alone is impressive. Watching Wieringa move the large finished product around his shop seemed like a feat, let alone building the whole arm to begin with. Wieringa successfully extends and rotates the hand using his control, and it looks like a new version of a Real Steel scene.

Watch out, Boston Dynamics. The Steel Giant could be coming.

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