ElectroBOOM Host Teaches NASA Skeptic a Valuable Life Lesson

YouTube host Mehdi Sadaghdar rips into another YouTube host after they incorrectly use an ElectroBOOM video. Don't spread bad science!
Jessica Miley

There are a plethora of ‘scientists’ on YouTube ready to share with you the results of their latest experiments and theories. What a discerning viewer needs to be able to do is identify whether these amateurs have a solid understanding of what they are talking about or not. In many cases, hosts are upfront about their credentials and you are invited along on the ride of amateur scientific discovery. These channels are generally entertaining and educational. The hosts are humble and curious. Then there is another type of video with evangelist ‘scientist’ who is set on convincing you of a ‘truth’ that somehow only they are knowledgeable of. Most of the time these YouTubers die a slow death of low subscriber numbers and comments sections fully witheringly witty retorts. However, sometimes they also go a step too far.

In this case one amateur YouTube enthusiast used a video from Mehdi Sadaghdar's channel ElectroBOOM to try and prove that NASA is a myth. Big mistake, huge mistake. Sadaghdar admits, he normally wouldn’t bother with such small fry, but the use of his video in another that is spreading fake science was too much. He goes on to pick apart all the flaws in the ‘pseudo-scientists’ claims and carefully explains the correct science when appropriate. He even gets his tiny daughter, nicknamed ‘ElectroCUTE’ to assist him in explaining some basic physics. The lesson of the day: don't spread bad science.