Engineer 3D Prints Thor's Hammer And Hits It With 400,000 Volts

Can metal plated 3D prints withstand the power of a lightning?
Derya Ozdemir

If Marvel can't bring the next Thor movie to the theaters sooner, you can always bring Thor's Hammer to yourself by getting some help from the power of engineering. In this video, YouTuber and engineer Ian Charnas, who is also a member of a Tesla coil orchestra group, builds Thor's Hammer using 3D printing and electroplating. But he doesn't stop there; he hits it with lightning to see whether it catches fire.

To ensure that the hammer can withstand the lightning test, Charnas uses a method for nick plating onto a 3D-printed model. He also uses conductive nickel paint to prepare the plastic for plating. After rigorous experiments, he puts on protective chainmail to shield his skin and marches directly into the firing line of a pair of Tesla coils. If you want to see how he pulled this whole thing off, make sure you watch the video embedded above.