Engineer Builds Iron Man Suitcase That Can Unfold Into a Metal Suit

Perfect for when you don't want to wear your cosplay to the con — you can suit up there instead!

If you've watched Iron Man, you must remember the Iron Man briefcase suit which is known by fans of the show as the Marv V, "Football" or Suitcase Armor. While in the world of Marvel, building a briefcase suit was probably a piece of cake, you've probably questioned the feasibility of such an invention.

In this video, YouTuber and engineer Jake Laser recreates this one-of-a-kind suit and documents the process in a 20-minute video. According to Laser, the Iron Man Suit is made of 100 pounds (45 kg) of cold-rolled steel and has several different parts that work together.

In the end, he manages to build a suitcase that can unfold into a full metal suit is complete with lights, lasers, and fire, and puts it on at the end to show how it works. If you're curious to see the end product, make sure you watch the video above. 

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