Engineer Builds Tesla's Earthquake Machine with 3D-Printed Parts

This famous invention was originally intended to generate alternating current.

Did you know that among famous inventor Nikola Tesla's many inventions there is the earthquake machine that may or may not have shaken the city of Manhattan around the year 1894? This video by Integza, which is a YouTube channel dedicated to making interesting things, often with 3D printed parts, takes a look at this famous machine which is a mechanical oscillator that was created to generate alternating current.

Integza explains that the inventor was testing one of his inventions when he realized something weird was happening. Everything in his workshop was vibrating. A glass of water soon escalated into the numerous pieces of furniture around the room bouncing around, and apparently, the entire neighborhood had felt the result of his experiment. Or this was the version of the story which Nikola Tesla told at a press meeting during his birthday party...

If you want to learn more about this machine and see the YouTuber try to reproduce the technology using 3D-printed parts, make sure you watch the video above. Enjoy!

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