Engineer Builds Triple Turbine Motor That Fits in His Hand

JohnnyQ90 shows what it takes to create his most recent engine experiment. The triple turbine engine will require a lot of skill and patience but has a guaranteed impressive result.
Jessica Miley

If you have some old dental drills lying around collecting dust, then this is the How-To video for you. YouTube enthusiast JohhnyQ90 takes apart three drills to make a triple turbine concept engine. If that sounds crazy - you are right. After painstakingly making the motor, it was tested and hit 11,000 rpm at 35psi. That blade is spinning very very fast.

JohnnyQ90 is dedicated to making ‘microturbine engines and other various things’ using as easy to find materials as he can. To do this he also displays some monk-like patience as well as incredible technical skill and patience. To see how insanely talented this person is, you need to watch the follow-up video “How I Made the Triple Turbine Motor and Thrust Test”. It goes into some detail about the steps required to build the tiny and powerful engine.

To create this triple turbine engine, JohnnyQ90 first needed to take apart the dentist drills before soldering brass bearings together and finding an exact sized brass gear. Then, there was some casing building to be done using aluminum recycled from another project. After that, there was some more micro build work to be done, three ‘micro Ts’ were constructed from copper and brass pipe. The whole thing is then assembled using silicon and steel tubing. The impressive project requires serious accuracy and patience, but the results are well worth it.

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