Engineer Builds Wind and Solar-Powered Clothes Dryer

It is definitely not the greenest way, but the over-engineering is worth the watch.
Derya Ozdemir

In one of the perhaps quietest and calmest Colin Furze videos, the YouTuber, who is a crazy engineer who always finds economical and innovative DIY solutions to build stuff, makes a renewable energy-powered clothes dryer in the most low tech approach to green energy possible. 

The video, made in November 2020, is part of the "Pitch the Future" virtual event by the Shell Eco-marathon team. In this competition for university students and clever people alike, attendees compete in different categories such as making houses, deliveries, and batteries more efficient. Stating that he will be the host, he also gives a try of his own in the "Decarbonising the home" category by making a green clothes dryer.

He states in the description box that there's more to consider than you'd think since even the washing machine door shape turns out to be very important. He starts off simple, but in the end, he says that he might have over-engineered it, which can be the case in most of his videos. If you enjoy this video, you can also check out Furze's other videos like this one where he makes a washing machine fly with a massive DIY trebuchet. Enjoy!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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