Engineer Connects 2,880 RPM Motor to Controller to Boost Rumble

Is it an earthquake or is it just your neighbor playing PC games? You might never know...

They say "go big or go home," but sometimes you go so big that you don't have a home to go back to anymore. Taking this saying to heart, engineer Teenenggr asked himself the important question: How much rumble is too much rumble? This rather bizarre video tries to answer that question.

The name behind the YouTube channel Jatin Patel, who is an iOS developer, is not a stranger to such projects. He has also made a custom mouse that gives the users the "real feeling" of firing a gun by engineering the feeling of recoil.

In this video, he tries to give more realism to video games by replacing the vibration of a controller with a slightly larger one. He connects a 2,880 rpm inductor motor to his DualShock to magnify the controller's rumble to the heavens. The project was fairly easy when you think about it but quite risky since any minutes broken devices could ensure... Enjoy!

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