Engineer Designs Lock Impossible To Pick, Dares Locksmith To Try It

A great deal of engineering went into this unpickable lock design.
Derya Ozdemir

How you ever wondered how hard it could be to make an unpickable lock? Well, no lock is unpickable when you think about the fact that you could bomb open any door, but if you really want to engineer and design a lock that outlasts all locksmiths, you are bound to have yourself in a pickle, as this video by the YouTube channel Stuff Made Here attests.

After contemplating whether he could really do one for the longest time, Stuff Made Here decided to just attack the project and he states that it was one of the most "unexpectedly difficult projects" he ever had. He had to design some parts more than 10 times until he could get them reliable and good enough to have a locksmith go at it confidently.

While the video is a good watch on its own, the expected sequel is perhaps all the more exciting. At the end of the video and the comment section, the inventor wrote that he tried to contact LockPickingLawyer, which is a YouTube channel that specializes in lock picking but couldn't get to him. However, the project captured his interest nonetheless. 

Here is LockPickingLawyer's comment: "This is a really interesting project that shows promise. It's always fun to see what happens when fresh eyes look at a problem. Shane and I just talked, and he'll be sending an improved version my way once it's ready. I look forward to seeing if I can come up with a creative approach to cracking this nut."