Engineer Designs World's Coolest Flame-Throwing Wheelchair

Today in wholesome engineering, this guy refurbishes wheelchairs and gives them to those in need.

There are some things that just don't work well together -- oil and water, orange juice and toothpaste, Apple and Microsoft, and many more... You'd think that flame throwers and wheelchairs would be in this category; however, as YouTube channel Coolest Thing attests, an invention that takes from both is actually an amazing piece that feels like it has jumped out from a science fiction movie.

According to the video's description, Lance Greathouse is a dental repairman who likes to build such creations in his spare time. His brother was diagnosed with a form of Parkinson's disease and had to use a wheelchair a few years ago. Saddened by the tragedy, Lance decided to build a custom tank wheelchair for his brother, which garnered love and attention from many, prompting him to make other people custom chairs. This story resulted in the formation of Wheelchair Labs. The organization helps those in need to get access to a regular wheelchair without charging them and is funded by donations.

The flame-throwing wheelchair that you will see in the video is one of the custom chairs Lance has done, and it is bound to get you sweaty just by looking at it. Make sure you tune in.

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