Former NASA engineer gets back at thieves with glitter-bombs

He places cameras inside a fake package to capture the criminals being glitter-bombed.
Loukia Papadopoulos

If you love science and technology then you have probably stumbled upon the videos of former NASA engineer Mark Rober. You may remember this one where he dropped an egg from space and collected it safe and intact or this one where he took five years to build a domino robot.

Well, Rober is back now with a new edition of his show where he uses a high-tech glitter-bomb to get back at thieves. It all began when his package was stolen from his front porch.

He luckily had cameras though that spotted the two culprits.

However, even after he went to the police with video proof, the authorities did nothing about it. That's when he decided to build a glitter-bomb.

This device which was made small enough to fit in a HomePod package combined glitter, drones, cameras, and fart spray. The hope was that thieves stealing the device would be inundated with glitter and fart smells and that Rober could capture the whole ordeal through his cameras.

Did the experiment work? Was the glitter unleashed at just the right time? What about the fart spray?

This video answers all these questions and more and brings you live footage of Rober getting his well-planned revenge.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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