Engineer Pranks His Friends by Turning Their Windows into Speakers

Why buy an expensive speaker when you can just turn everything into a speaker?
Derya Ozdemir

Who doesn't like a good prank? Well, generally, the one who is getting pranked -- but as long as it is all lighthearted and fun, there is nothing wrong with enjoying them. 

YouTube channel The Action Lab is on the action again: In this video, he shows how a vibration speaker amplifies sound by pranking his friends by turning their windows into giant speakers. The greatest thing about this small device is that it turns everything -- literally, everything into a speaker. 

Also, it is pretty cool to watch the frequency changes and how the water forms standing waves during his pan experiment. Not only this video is entertaining thanks to its copyright-free melodies, but it is also educational: afterward, he puts the device into his world-famous vacuum chamber to show that sound can't propagate in a vacuum. It is just a great ride overall.