Engineer Removes the Entire Hub From His Bicycle, and It Still Works

The engineer crafted and welded a new entire external system that ensures the bike still works.

When you think of a bicycle, you think of its wheels. Those wheels need to be equipped with spokes and a frame to function properly. Right? Apparently, no.

YouTuber engineer The Q transforms his bike into a hubless vehicle by removing the entire internal hub from the wheels of his bicycle. This is no easy feat and takes a lot of time and effort.

He outright replaces these parts of the bicycle, creating a whole new foundation, and voila, the bike does not fall apart. This video brings you that whole process from beginning to end.

Indeed, you can watch as The Q decides to alter his bike and then proceeds to remove many parts and create new ones. It's quite an adventure to go on and you can't help but wonder what inspired The Q to take on such a lofty task.

What do you think of The Q's new bike? Is it a cool stylish new way to ride or a ridiculous way to ruin a good bike? Whatever your opinion on his new creation, you have to agree the engineer is talented!

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