Engineer Turns Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Into a Drone

Those pesky stairs are not a match for this flying robotic vacuum cleaner.

Ever since robot vacuum cleaners, more commonly known as Roombas, became a thing, they've become a fan-favorite among those who dislike partaking in cleaning duties. These self-driving cleaners can independently drive around the house to remove dirt, and its advanced models can even map a house and remember the places it has already cleaned. However, their kryptonite is definitely thresholds and stairs.

In this video, tech YouTuber PeterSripol creates a robotic vacuum cleaner that can tackle these obstacles by flying and can reach any floor in the house. By adding a trio of ducted fans to a cheap robot vacuum he buys off of Amazon, he takes the vacuum cleaner up a few levels; however, that isn't to say that it works perfectly. It takes admittedly more effort to handle than the usual robotic vacuum and is much noisier; however, it's still a fun build overall. 


If you're curious to see how it performs, make sure you watch the flying gadget in action in the video given above. Then just imagine a cat hitching a ride on it and enjoy!

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