These Engineers Built an Epic Slot Car Racetrack When the Boss is Away

When they heard their managers would be gone for a day, one engineering firm decided to go all out and build an office-wide slot car track.
Shelby Rogers

When most people hear their bosses will be out of office, the riskiest thing they'll do is wear jeans or dress casually to work. However, one engineering office went above and beyond to create an epic office space. This would make even Google employees jealous.

SGS Engineering, a team based out of the United Kingdom, are big "petrolheads." They decided the best way to tap into their passions and make work more fun was to build a racetrack spanning the entire office.

Like any good engineering team, the SGS guys didn't wait until the last minute to throw the plan together. They went all out, measuring the proposed slot car circuit route.

"We measured up the space we’d be using (much to the annoyance of everyone trying to finish their reports!)," the team wrote on the company's website. "We then marked out the areas we were wanting to use and hit the drawing board."

They also took into account maximum speeds relative to a coworker's desk. That way they prevented severely irritating others when a car inevitably flew off the track. The final product resulted from meters upon meters of track, makeshift obstacles, and really patient coworkers.

As for slot car racing itself, the hobby is seeing a resurgence, particularly in an older crowd. Motorheads (or "petrolheads") are investing in sets similar to the one used by SGS. It's a prime way to get younger kids interested in automotive engineering and general building skills.