This Epic Fidget Spinner Bazooka Can Launch A Spinner At 99,000 RPM

Kathleen Villaluz

Ever fantasized about wrecking things with a fidget spinner? Well, fantasize no more as this DIY enthusiast made a fidget spinner bazooka. You read that right, a fidget spinner bazooka capable of launching a spinner that destroys anything along its path.

There have been many spin-offs of the epidemic fidget spinner like the iPhone spinner, Super Mario spinner, but not quite as epic and as laborious as this one. To make things more interesting, he also made a fidget spinner blade as his ammo instead of an ordinary spinner. And the most impressive thing about this bazooka? It can launch the blade spinner at an alarming rate of 99,000 rpm!

This guy is equipped - he used a 3D modeling software to design the spinner bazooka's parts then cut the wood pieces with a laser machine. He went all out with his fidget spinner bazooka and to be honest, it was epic. In fact, it looked deadly. If you want to skip through the whole DIY assembling part and see the bit where he fires the bazooka then fast forward to 4:45 minutes.

And for the grand finale, an engine starting fluid aerosol was put to the test with fiery results. Fidget spinner bazooka and flammable aerosol - that's how you set things on fire DIY style.