This Epic SUV Avoids Traffic By Simply Driving Over Other Cars

Shelby Rogers

Why bother with sticking around in traffic when you can simply drive over it with this SUV? The Hum Rider takes a note from the Transformers films and grows extensions to drive over lines of cars. The Jeep Cherokee Wagon body widens its wheelbase and glides several feet above the cars in front of it.

The whole video comes as a marketing stunt to promote Verizon Telematic's Hum platform. The Hum system plugs into the OBD port on any post-1996 model car. It adds roadside assistance (think On-Star) for just $10 a month with the system costing $29.

"In many respects, [the Hum Rider is] a bit of a metaphor, taking the ordinary driving experience and making it extraordinary. Kind of what we’re illustrating with that crazy car that drives over cars," said Verizon VP of Marketing Jay Jaffin in an interview with Mashable. The company used Thinkmodo to craft the video. Thinkmodo offered a number of options, but Verizon felt that this would be the stunt that stuck.