Euler's Disk Spinning for 2 Minutes Straight

Watch this video to see how Eulor's Disk experiment works, and get ready for some hypnotizing spinning.

Have you ever seen an Euler's Disk before? It's invented by Joseph Bendik and its a scientific, educational toy that illustrates the dynamic system of a spinning disk on a flat surface.

The disk spins faster and louder as it keeps spinning. When the disk spins, it contains both kinetic and potential energy. The kinetic energy arises from the disk spinning on the mirrored base and the potential energy arises from the disk being placed upright on its side. 

It's a fun and educational experiment for your kids to make them enjoy physics from an early age.

Physics can be tough and boring for some people, but with the right experiments, education, and of course, a good teacher, it can get better.

To spend quality time with your kids, or on your own, or with anyone you want, you can try to have an Euler's Disk experiment at home. 

You can watch the video to see how a disk spins for 2 minutes straight. 

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