Ex-NASA Engineer Builds Obstacle Course to Keep Squirrels Away from His Nuts

The obstacle course has now reached rooftop mazes-level, but can it outsmart the squirrels?

Former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer Mark Rober who happens to be a YouTuber now had made millions swoon with his 2020 video where he attempted to stop thieving squirrels by building an obstacle course. Nothing, it turned out, could get between the squirrel and its nuts, so he decided to try again this year, but this time took inspiration from franchises such as Mission Impossible and Ocean’s Eleven featuring rooftop mazes, laser rooms, and trap doors.

In his most recent video where engineering meets pure wholesome content, Rober explains how it took him and a friend two months to design and create a model where the safety and well-being of the squirrels were the top priority. The obstacle course now takes up most of his backyard and is as complicated as it can be, but can Hollywood's big-screen obstacles can get in between the squirrels and their nuts? You'll need to watch the video to find out.

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