Expert Woodturner Turns an Apple Log Into a Bluetooth Mono Speaker

He transforms the lumpy apple log into a dashing speaker in mere minutes.

Woodturning requires immense amounts of patience and hard work; however, it becomes all the more enjoyable when you're watching a process that took probably weeks in mere minutes. In this spectacular video, YouTuber Matt Jordan turns an apple log into a Bluetooth mono speaker and it is impossible not to be impressed with all the effort that went into making this transformation possible.

On his website, Matt wrote that he started woodturning when he was at school some 28 years ago. He is completely self-taught and even makes his own tools. He also wrote that the wood he works with is obtained through normal maintenance work to trees.

The expert woodturner takes the viewer through the complex process of woodturning. The lumpy and moldy apple log transforms into a dashing speaker in his hands in eight minutes. The artistry he puts into doing the hand-carved pieces is definitely worth a watch, and the DIY speaker has pretty great sound quality. It doesn't hurt that it looks pretty cool too, complete with the blue accents on it. Enjoy!

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