Explore a Wankel Engine in This Cool See-Through Video Series

YouTube channel Warped Perception shows you exactly how a Wankel engine works by creating a see-though model.
Jessica Miley

The team from YouTube channel Warped Perception is producing the first ever ‘See-through’ engine series. In this new show, the team opens up a variety of different engines to show exactly how they work. 

The videos aim to demystify the engine process and show in clear detail how each part of the system works in harmony with each other. This featured video shows how a Wankel engine works. This type of engine works quite differently from a conventional piston engine. 

The video shows the engine in all its glory and is filmed with high-speed cameras so the Wankel combustion process can be examined in detail. Wankel engines are popular with car builders and racers because of their relatively compact size and ability to be tuned up. 

They have a high power-to-weight ratio but are also famous for poor fuel efficiency. The engine also known as a rotary engine was developed by the German engineer Felix Wankel.  Wankel secured a patent for the engine in 1929 but didn’t have a completed working prototype until 1957.

Warped Perception has a host of see-through engine videos as well as the crazy see-through car series that deserve some time dedicated to them. All the videos are beautifully filled with super high-speed cameras to achieve some entertaining and educational slow motion sections. Of course in true Warped Perception style, the video features plenty of explosions and fire too!