Explorer Finds Rare Supercars Worth $38 Million Hidden in Basement

This basement is a playground of vintage cars for grown ups.

We are way past Halloween, but an abandoned building holding a treasure trove of rare cars is a story that can be told any time of the year. In this video, YouTuber The Bearded Explorer manages to get access to an abandoned basement and provides a look into collectible vintage cars and Formula Ones it is holding inside.

He states in the description that the cars were in the underground parking lot because they were to be auctioned. However, their stay took longer than intended after the auction was delayed due to COVID-19.

They've been in there for a long time which is why they are covered in dust. It is kind of heartbreaking to see all that engineering, creativity, innovation, and manpower sitting seemingly forgotten in a dark, abandoned basement. 

Overall, the video serves as a great auction overview and the cars look like they are going to worth some serious money. This is definitely worth a watch, maybe one of the cars will get your undivided attention.

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