Explorer Travels 600-Feet Down Into an Abandoned Mine

This is the YouTuber's biggest adventure yet.
Derya Ozdemir

Looking into forgotten places that are far away from the prying eyes of humanity can be an eerie experience, and the YouTube channel Abandoned and Forgotten Places has made documenting such places its mission. In this video, which he describes as his "biggest adventure yet", he takes the viewers down a dangerous 600 feet (182 feet) descent through the nearly 100 years old ladders to search for never-before-seen artifacts in the depths of an abandoned mine in Nevada.

This is a dangerous adventure indeed, since, as the description of the video suggests, there are plenty of dangers you can encounter in old mines, such as "un-exploded dynamite, blasting caps, bad air, bats, snakes, rotting timbers, flooding," and more. So it really is not for the faint-hearted.

With safety equipment in tow, the YouTuber armors himself in his years of training and experience and takes you on a journey that is fun, interesting, and educational at the same time.

The channel has other videos where he explores abandoned tunnels and mines across the western U.S. and tries to find "cool artifacts, antiques, and unique geology that will have you guessing as to why the old prospectors worked so hard to find gold, silver, and other minerals." So make sure you tune in, you won't be disappointed.

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