Exploring the Most Realistic Aircraft Carrier Simulator

Who would have thought failing to land a plane could be so fun?

If you're an avid aircraft fan who isn't planning on flying a plane soon, flight simulators can be the best option you can get. The YouTube channel Swiss001 has hundreds of videos where he explores a wide range of scenarios with numerous planes. From exploring circular runways to landing a huge airplane on a tiny runway, he really can't do wrong, and in this video, he takes the viewer on a journey where they can experience Digital Combat Simulator (DCS), which offers the most realistic simulation of military aircraft, tanks, ground vehicles and ships possible.

He starts off the video by saying he rarely plays DCS and that he doesn't know much about it. Through trial and error, he explores the game by placing the viewer on the shotgun. He tries to take off and land on an aircraft multiple times, and the more he fails, the video itself starts to feel even more realistic than the simulation itself. Enjoy!

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