This Extra-Sharpened $1 Knife Can Even Slice Through Water Bottles

One of the coolest and dangerous household things one could ever play with is a sharp kitchen knife. Well, apart from being an immature adult by playing with this sharp tool, knives are highly required when it comes to the most basic or most complex cooking methods. From cutting steaks to slicing sushi and mincing finely vegetable ingredients, using a dull knife is often frustrating and time-consuming. But instead of buying an expensive one, why not just buy a sharpener you can use for a long period of time to calibrate all of your knives. Sounds practical and economical to me.

This YouTuber has done exactly that! In his three-minute video, JunsKitchen shows us how he sharpened a $1 knife as much as he could with a series of sharpeners. After doing so, he tested the sharpness of the knife by slashing through a piece of paper and thinly slicing a tomato. However, the highlight of this video is when JunsKitchen glided the sharpened knife through three water bottles! It's amazing how quickly and uniformly the bottles were cut.

The YouTuber said on his video description that sharpeners are sold expensively outside of Japan. So, if you'd like to get your hands on a cheap but quality sharpener then head over to JunsKitchen's video and read through the description section.

Via JunsKitchen


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