Famed Engineering YouTuber Answers Whether EVs Are Greener Than Gasoline Cars

Jason Fenske tackles the much-debated question analyzing emissions, materials and mining. The host explores all angles of the issue including pollution from production and usage.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Last month, German automotive consultancy Berylls Strategy Advisors, made quite some headlines when it announced that electric vehicles(EVs) may not be as clean overall as thought. The organization claimed that depending on where EVs were manufactured, the energy required to make their batteries resulted in a much too high carbon footprint.

"Electric cars appear to be the panacea and reduce emissions by 35 %. After all, electric vehicles do not emit any carbon dioxide while driving – at least that is a widely held opinion," said Dr Jan Burgard, managing partner at Berylls in a LinkedIn statement

"However, from well to wheel, they do not really improve the situation. After all, electricity generation – including for electric cars – is still strongly dependent on fossil fuels in many EU countries. The climate does not care whether carbon dioxide comes from the exhaust pipe or whether it is released when lignite is burned to generate electricity or in energy-intensive battery production," added Burgard.

However, critics accurately pointed out that as an institution for the diesel industry their analysis could not be fully trusted. Now, famed YouTube host of Engineering Explained Jason Fenske has come to the rescue offering his own analysis of the issue and that is one we are very tempted to trust.