Famous Rockets Go Transparent: Stunning Video Shows How They'd Look During Flight

The rockets are completely transparent, meaning you can watch the fuel drain as they fly.
Derya Ozdemir

In this amazing video, YouTube channel Hazegrayart shows your favorite space rockets launching to orbit in real-time from Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39 with a twist: The rockets are transparent and you can watch the fuel drain as the rockets make their way up to the skies.

You get to see, from left to right, Saturn V, The Space Shuttle, SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, and NASA's Space Launch System. Moreover, the video color-coded different rocket fuel types that are used by the rockets' various stages, with the red one being Kerosene RP-1, orange Liquid Hydrogen LH2, and blue Liquid Oxygen LOX.

Moreover, if you watch closely, you can spot the tiny red Tesla Roadster, which you'll remember is the car that was launched into space in 2018. 

Such great attention to detail! This video is crazy good, and watching the different types of rockets just making their way through is such a treat for all space-enthusiasts out there.

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