Father and Son Built a Bridge Between Two Aquariums for Their Cute Fish

These two connected two aquariums with an aqua-bridge for their clown loaches.
Derya Ozdemir

Jack and Dan is a relatively small YouTube channel that focuses on the adventures of a father, Dan, and his son, Jack and as their channel description gives away, "Jack: 'What are we going to do today Dad?' Dan: 'Why don't we try to help save the world?' Jack: 'Sounds good to me Dad!'", they are up to something good every video. 

In this video, they provide a look into how they constructed a tube between their two aquarium tanks for their clown loaches. And let's just say that the fish were quite unbothered by the fact that a new pocket dimension had just opened at the top of their tank and adapted into the situation rather quickly by following their curiosity

While watching the engineering process the aqua-bridge is fun, what makes this video really great is the easy and mutually-engaged conversations between the father and son that will most definitely make your heart ache.

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