Father and Son Cut Open an Electric Coat to See What's Inside

This father and son help you sate your curiosity by cutting things open so you don't have to. Check their latest video destroying a heated jacket.
Jessica Miley

Lincoln and his Dad, Dan cut things open to check what is inside so ‘you don’t have to’. The duo runs a super entertaining YouTube channel cutting random things in half to explore their inner workings. Their latest video shows them destroying a fancy heated jacket. Heated jackets have become a pretty popular item this winter with a bunch of Kickstarter projects around the technology. Dan doesn’t hesitate when he is destroying things he is curious about. For the jacket, he simply takes a very sharp knife and cuts it open. Unsurprisingly, the jacket explodes in a show of feathers. But the interesting part is the heating panels which are created from a series of thin black fibers.

The rest of the jacket isn’t too interesting but it does sort of quell some curiosity about this new clothing craze. Dan and Lincoln don’t admit to knowing about what they find inside, rather the project is to reveal and leave it to the viewer to add their own expertise.

Their channel started when they made an initial series of videos about what is inside sports balls for Lincoln’s school assignment. From those initial videos, the team now have over 5.2 million subscribers. Both Lincoln and his Dad seem to have a great time as they destroy objects from iPhones to their favorite toys, and their laid back vibes make the destruction even more appealing.

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