Feed Your Face with This DIY Chin-Operated Cookie Dispenser

This hands-free cookie dispenser is your next must-have DIY project.
Christopher McFadden

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Do you like to snack on junk food while laboring away in your workshop, and often find your hands are dirty? 

Then why not build your own chin-operated Oreo dispensing machine? Check out this short guide to find out how. 

diy oreo dispenser complete
Source: The Practical Engineer/YouTube

As you can imagine, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started.

Materials and gear needed

With all your gear in hand, let's get on with the build.

Step 1: Make the main boxing

The first step is to sketch out and design your Oreo dispenser. Once done, transfer the plans for the main boxing to your timber sheeting. 

With that complete, cut out the wooden pieces for the dispenser as needed. Sand down and clean up any cut edges as needed. 

diy oreo dispenser frame
Source: The Practical Engineer/YouTube

With that done, glue and nail the main body of the dispenser together as needed. Once done, sand off any sharp corners and edges as needed. 

Step 2: Build the Oreo release mechanism

Next, sketch out the designs for the main components of the dispenser mechanism - like the chin-operated release lever. Transfer them to some more pieces of wood, and cut them out as needed. 

Once done, sand down and clean up as needed. Rinse and repeat for any other wooden parts of the mechanism as shown in the video. 

diy oreo dispenser lever
Source: The Practical Engineer/YouTube

Glue and nail the wooden components for the main release mechanism as needed. As before, and especially with the chin-operated lever, sand down and round off any sharp edges.

You don't want to get hurt when using the device, after all. Next, assemble the lever, lever mount, and mechanism mount together as needed with some springs.

This will enable the lever to return to its "closed" position once the lever is released. 

diy oreo dispenser lever mechanism
Source: The Practical Engineer/YouTube

With that done, partially assemble the wooden components of the dispenser inside its boxing. Test the action. 

If it doesn't operate as anticipated, disassemble and make adjustments as needed if any. 

Step 3: Complete the Oreo silo

With the main dispenser mechanism and body pretty much complete, we can now build the Oreo holder/silo. Take your length of plastic tubing and line it up with a full packet of Oreos. 

Mark off the length of tube needed to completely fill it with the Oreos in the packet, and cut to size as needed. Clean up the cut end of the tube as required. 

Once done, install the tube into its receptacle at the top of the Oreo dispenser. Remove your Oreos from their packet, and load the silo as required. 

diy oreo dispenser silo installed
Source: The Practical Engineer/YouTube

With that done, test the release mechanism once again. A single Oreo should be dispensed with every lever depression. 

If this doesn't occur, for whatever reason, dismantle the dispenser and modify some of the components accordingly. 

With that, your chin-operated Oreo dispenser is now effectively complete. If desired you can now paint the dispenser to your own desires. 

You may also want to put some decals or stickers on the boxing too. But, this is completely up to you! Enjoy. 

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