How Long Can a Gyroscopic Fidget Spinner Spin in a Vacuum Chamber

Jessica Miley

Fidget spinners have really captured our attention lately. And there are endless videos about them from tricks to hacks. Giaco Whatever has made a video that a lot of people had been wondering about. Does a fidget spinner spin for longer in a vacuum chamber? We won’t give you a spoiler, check the video for all the fun.  

The coolest thing is that Giaco actually makes his own fidget spinner for the experiment. But not any old Amazon replica, he creates a precise gyroscopic spinner with specialized bearings. It is totally soothing to watch the carefully documented method Giaco goes through to create the toy. The camera work is brilliant and the soundtrack makes the whole thing take on a dramatic cinematic quality. Giaco not only has a talent for precise engineering, the way he crafts the videos is really admirable, creating content that is very unlike other science-based channels.

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His channel ranges from creating insanely cool fidget spinners to building super powerful nerf guns. He has access to a fantastic lab/workspace and films in detail the routing, drilling, and cutting that goes into each item he creates.

Giaco create videos about stuff he likes with no tight theme and he claims they are not tutorials. Though he often gives links to what to buy so you can play along at home.

Via Giaco Whatever


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