In Soviet Russia, They Spin Fidget Spinners With Bullets

Kathleen Villaluz

Prepare for some "In Soviet Russia" jokes. This is probably the craziest and one of the most extreme fidget spinner stunts we've seen to date. The fidget spinners are mounted on a wooden post using a nail making sure they can freely spin. To ensure that Crazy Russian Hacker's little experiment is captured perfectly in slow motion, he did a test shot to work out the speed in which the camera must be set to. Some words of caution to those who are already thinking of doing this on their own. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

The Crazy Russian Hacker shoots his unwilling fidget spinners at point blank in an attempt to make them spin. Obviously, the standard plastic spinners are destroyed even when shot from a distance. So he tried his luck with a metal fidget spinner. But even that didn't stand a chance as the bullet flies past through one of the three spinners destroying the entire piece. In other words, his fidget spinner and bullet experiment didn't work. Too bad for the fidget spinners, their sacrifices were all in vain.

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