Finally a Good Use for that Fidget Spinner

This amazing Rube Goldberg Machine incorporates fidget spinners into its complex design.
Jessica Miley

It took YouTuber Kaplamino three months and more than 500 tries to get this incredible Rube Goldberg Machine to work. But the effort what worth it. Especially because the marble machine takes advantage of the world’s excess of fidget spinners. At least of the toy fad are used in this creation. The wonderful chain reaction is built on an angled table and incorporates lots of daily household items like scissors, a plastic fork, and even a ballpoint pen. 

Kaplamino explains in the video's description that the most difficult part of the creation was designing ways for the little blue marble to ride up the incline. To overcome this, they use a variety of tricks such as magnets, falling weights, and catapults. Each of the pieces used in the machine is reportedly struck down to the table with an ever-useful hot glue gun. Kaplamino has a bunch of cool videos on their channel featuring their talent in building domino falls as well as other marble tricks.

 A Rube Goldberg machine is defined as a deliberately complex contraption that is devised of a lot of smaller devices or triggers that activate the next trigger in front of it. The machine is named after its inventor, an American inventor, and cartoonist, Rube Goldberg, famous for his drawings of complicated machines that seemed to serve no purpose. It later developed into an expression for a system that seems intentionally baffling or confusing such as medical insurance or other political systems.

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