Find out How to Win at 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' Every Time

This video will give you all the tips and tricks, so you'll always be triumphant at this hand game.
Fabienne Lang

Originally hailing from China, the game that we now know as 'rock, paper, scissors' has become a fun, and sometimes competitive, hand game around the world.

In keeping with its competitive streak, a group of Canadians named 'The Brothers Walker' created the World RPS Society. The World RPS Society even held the Rock, Paper, Scissors World Championships every year in Toronto between 2003 and 2009.

So how do you win at rock, paper, scissors? Are there strategies in place for winning such a game that appears as a mere fluke?

It turns out that you can improve your odds by following a few of the following suggestions:

According to the video creator, men are a few percentage points more likely to start by using 'rock,' whereas women are more inclined to start with 'scissors.' 

Challenging the opposition to a 'best of three' match will also improve the odds in your favor. Furthermore, if someone wins, they are more likely to make the same choice the next time — paying attention to your opponent's choices is one way to win the next round. 

However, if your opponent loses, they are more likely to use the following choice in the sequence. For instance, if someone loses while using 'rock,' they are quite likely to start with 'paper' in the next game. 

And if you're a particularly speedy player, you can use this to your advantage, by closely watching the hand movement of your opponent as they are about to make their chosen selection. You can then quickly adjust your choice to follow suit. 

If all else fails, simply shout out one of the options at random when you're both about to drop your choices and scramble your opponent's mind, so they, in turn, select the choice you just shouted out!

*Main Image: tommaso79/iStock

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