This Firefighter Uses A Burning Dollhouse to Explain Fire Ventilation

Kathleen Villaluz

Out of all the elements, fire is perhaps the most terrifying. But what is more nerve-wracking than the element itself is the act of fighting it. This video that was originally uploaded on Facebook by the Salem Fire Department, in the state of Oregon, shows a dollhouse on fire. Firefighter Fitzpatrick demonstrates to new recruits the dynamics of fire ventilation in a burning structure. Fitzpatrick cleverly built the dollhouse to simulate various fire flow conditions in a structure fire.

He explains that creating a fire ventilation at the wrong time is detrimental to the scenario as the fire may become uncontrollable instead of manageable. By creating a fire ventilation at the ceiling and roof, then a small air opening at the bottom caused the dollhouse to explode. This firefighting tactic is called 'vertical ventilation' and is one of the most hazardous tasks while on the job.

In 2015 alone, 501,500 structure fires were reported in the US, causing 2,685 deaths and $10.3 billion in asset damage. And each of these structure fire scenarios has their own unique ventilation systems. That's why it's of paramount importance that fighters fully understand the dynamics of fire ventilation. By carefully coordinating fire ventilation strategies, firefighters can do their job more efficiently. This simple strategy can save the lives of victims and also those of the firefighters.

Via The Oregonian


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