Fires Don't Stand a Chance with This Firefighting Gun

The IFEX 3000 Impulse firefighting gun can blast steam at 400kmh to quickly extinguish flames. It can even be used on liquid and electrical fires.
Jessica Miley

This incredible firefighting tool is modelled on a shotgun. The IFEX 3000 Impulse firefighting gun sends a blast of high-pressure steam out of its barrel extinguishing flames. The steam is delivered to the fire at a speed of 400 kmh. The gun can be powered by putting water under pressure, the device can be carried in either a backpack or on a trolley depending on the type of fire needed to be fought. The shotgun is particularly effective in fighting tyre fires. Firefighters can get up very close to the fire and more efficiently douse the source, rather than using litres of water. Foam additives can be added to the water and then the gun can be used to fight liquid fires and electrical fires.

The Fire Protection Systems Market is estimated to be worth 93.46 billion USD by 2022. An increase in fire hazards and government regulations means that business and companies are spending more and more on fire protection. The technology in this area is also a growing area as product designers search for ways to make firefighting safer and more efficient. The automation of fire monitoring in large buildings is increasingly sophisticated and is also closely integrated with power production, lighting, safety, and security systems and elevators. The IFEX 3000 Impulse has been around since 2004 and is continually being added to firefighting crews around the globe.