Flying Cars Are Expected to Be Everywhere in Just a Few Years

German company Lilium GmbH released a video of their first flying jet which is designed to be an "air-taxi."
Nursah Ergü

Munich-based Lilium GmbH is the developer behind the Lilium Jet which is an electrically powered aircraft capable of vertical taking-off and landing flight. And the main focus of the jet is to provide flight for public use. 

Finally, as it was promised, the company released a new video of the jet completing its "first test of flight testing."

At the end of the video, the company says "Coming 2025" to signal that in 2025 they will be able to launch the jet. 

Unlike other "air taxis," Lilium offers people seats. It can also fly over 186 miles on a single charge and can hit speeds a little faster than 62 miles per hour (mph).

Eventually, it's expected that the Lilium jet will release a consumer-facing app and by using this app, consumers will be able to hail the jet the same way they hail a taxi or an Uber. One of the plans of the firm is to take New Yorkers from Manhattan to JFK Airport within six minutes.

So, if the German company manages to create air-taxis by 2025, we'll be living that Back to the Future dream. Maybe flying cars are finally happening! What do you think? Would you have a fyling car or would fly with a flying taxi? It's sure that it's highly time-saving!

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