Forget a Crane, Amish Men Move a Huge Barn With Strength Alone

A group of Amish men take teamwork to the next level.

Who said you need a power operated tool to move a huge, wood barn.  

A group of Amish men shows how it's done manually, with a little teamwork. 

For some reason that's not clear in this YouTube video, about a hundred Amish men were able to haul a huge red barn a few feet. The video was aptly titled: "How Amish move a barn." 

In the 34 second clip, you can see teamwork at its best. After a call to "take ahold" and a short count down, the men crouch down and pick up the massive red barn. 

They were able to move the barn several feet in roughly 30 seconds. Pretty impressive and not surprising since its part of their normal way of life. 

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