Forklift-Powered Electric Hayabusa Does the Quarter Mile Faster Than a Bugatti Chiron

A Danish racing team put a forklift motor on an electric Hayabusa.
Loukia Papadopoulos

In an impressive feat, a Danish racing team put a forklift motor on an electric Hayabusa. The team further modified it to take an amazing amount of voltage and current: around 1300 amps and 200 volts.

That brings us up to 200 horsepowerenough for a quarter-mile run right around ten seconds. The team also changed the bike's drivetrain and modified its chassis.

The wheelbase has been extended about ten inches overstock and a lot of weight has been saved by removing the combustion engine. The newly modified bike weighs a mere 361 pounds. This is a significant reduction when compared to the standard 586-pound Hayabusa.

The team claims the modified bike has done that quarter-mile run in 9.3 secondsThis is much faster than the Bugatti Chiron's 10.1 seconds record, Sadly, they haven't included that sprint in the video.

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The bike does boast nine world records in its 200-volt class, however, that class no longer exists. The class was removed the same year the bike was built. A sad story for the modified bike.

But don't despair, its team hasn't given up on the bike yet. It is now hunting for other potential world records.

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