Watch the abyssal depths of the oceans unfold, down to the Mariana Trench

And everything that lies beneath them.
Derya Ozdemir

For centuries, the world's deepest lakes and seas have adorned the human imagination: from mythology to folklore, the motif of a depthless ocean has both terrified and awed us. Just look at all the stories we have about beautiful and terrifying mermaids, monsters, lost cities, plentiful treasures, and even realms of the dead!

However, no matter how mysterious it appears, you probably wouldn't find yourself looking at numbers upon numbers describing how deep each body of water is. As is always the case, YouTube has come to the rescue with a brilliantly animated video by MetaBallStudios showing the depth of different lakes and seas in comparison to objects we all know, which helps put everything into perspective. If you're curious to know more or simply want to be delighted by wonderful visuals, be sure to check out the video embedded above. As always, thanks for watching and happy viewing!

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