From Sand to Silicon, Intel Shows How It Makes 10nm Processors in Technical Detail

It is an extremely complex process that involves using wires only atoms thick.
Derya Ozdemir

You might have wondered what your electronic device hides under its glass and plastic surfaces, and this video shows you a portion of that.

We don’t think that you’ll start making a microchip in your free time during the quarantine; however, this video gives you a comprehensive look into Intel's 10nm chip. The company shows how the exact process occurs in extreme detail with eye-catching visuals. Step-by-step, it explains how they tackle the chip-manufacturing on the product line. 

The video covers Intel's FinFET technology, COAG technology, and explains the complex process of using 3-D clusters of wires on transistors. This is such an interesting topic since the wires they use can be only atoms thick.

As it is explained, in order to build a modern computer, numerous engineers have to place billions of tiny switches into an area no larger than a coin. This complex process happens every day across the world, and in this case, Intel’s facilities. 

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