Fruit Ninja Breaks World Record for Fruits Cut While Juggling Knives

He claims to be the world's fastest juggler, and he has some rather interesting records on the side too.
Utku Kucukduner

Some people just love setting records, and David Rush is definitely one of them. You can take the hint from his 121 video-long world records series on YouTube. 

David claims to be the world's fastest juggler and he has some rather interesting records on the side. Ranging from popping 200 balloons in 14.77 seconds to drinking 1 liter of 100% lemon juice through a straw in 17 seconds, this man has claimed many titles.

His latest record involves slicing apples while juggling knives. He shares the title with his fellow Jonathan "Hollywood" Hannon, saying that the throwing part proved to be more crucial than he first assumed.

He says on his website: "The knives have to switch hands left-right-left-right every throw except when an apple is being sliced and then you can have a single throw that lands back in the same hand." Fair claim, if you asked us.

He says he's been juggling since 2004 but had to train intensively for a few weeks (and cut through a few hundred pounds of crabapples) for this record.

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So their system works like this: Every time David catches a knife with his right hand, Jonathan throws an apple. That's how they make it in a fluid motion. 

Watch the video to see how it goes and how many apples they get.

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