This Video of Funny Texting and Walking Accidents Will Completely Shock You

Jessica Miley

We’ve all done it, walked with our head down, our eyes fixed on the tiny screen, trying to compose that perfect response to a date or find that hard to locate bar only to stumble, or run into something. It’s embarrassing. This video from the Western Cape Government shows a showreel of the best of the worst of texting and walking accidents. People running into signs, poles, tripping on themselves and others. It is super funny. Until it isn’t.  

The video takes a sharp turn from hilarious showreel to deadly serious health and safety warning. The video ends with a horrific crash caused by a texting driver. There isn’t much room for the imagination. This is a violent vehicle accident with a deadly end. The video’s slogan, “You can’t even text and walk. So why do you text and drive?”, has a simple and powerful message for all of us. Just how much of a distraction even glancing at your phone can be is obvious when you watch this clever video.  

The website of the South African local government is using a series of powerful ad campaigns to attempt to reduce road deaths. Its website states “South Africa in general and the Western Cape, in particular, have among the most dangerous roads in the world and strives to fulfill the UN Decade of Action’s goals to reduce road carnage.” It goes on to declare that up to 25% of all motor vehicle accidents may be caused by mobile phone use. Thinking about texting and driving? As the ad says “It can wait”.

Via FCB Cape Town


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