These Futuristic Motorhomes Were Built to Cater to All Your Needs

We dare you not to be impressed by these motorhomes.

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Gone are the days of the boring RVs or motorhomes. Today's recreational vehicles come equipped with every luxury you could imagine and can even tackle all kinds of terrains. In fact, some are even as comfortable on the water as they are on land.

Have we piqued your curiosity yet? So watch our video and you will see The Heat, a two-story mansion on wheels. If its luxurious interiors don't impress you, then nothing will.

Then there's TRAX 12, which won Hybrid of the Year 2019 for Camper Magazine and we can see why. Just park it anywhere and remove its additions to create a fully equipped kitchen wherever you are.

The Sealander floating caravan handles itself just as well on land as it does on water. Take it to a lakeshore or a beach and bring it in the water for a relaxing night under the stars or to dive off of if that excites you.


The Bruder EXP-6 expedition trailer can tackle sandy dunes as well as muddy roads or small rivers. There's no terrain that is out of reach for this trailer thanks to its giant wheels and special shape. And that's just the beginning, we have plenty more futuristic RVs for you to enjoy.

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