Girl Wearing VR Headset Freaks Out and Runs into Wall After Dropping Digital Grenade

Sometimes full immersion into a game makes things a little too real as in the video by ricardogonhin.
Donovan Alexander

We have all been there. You are playing a standard game on a PC or console for hours and are fully immersed in the game.

It might be the games' plot, graphics, responsive but fair controls or a host of other different things, but that game has taken hold of you and has teleported you into its world.

Virtual reality games can do this to players but in an entirely different way. A great VR experience can be so good that you can completely forget about the surrounding area.

Which in turn, is thrilling if want to be fully immersed into a game, but can be dangerous as well as funny, in the right circumstances.

In the video, appropriately titled “When VR Gets Too Real” by ricardogonhin, a first-time player decides to try her hand at VR. In the video, it seems it may be her first time playing a virtual game.

Anyone who has played a virtual reality game will tell you that the first time is magical but a little strange.

As stated above, a great VR game will take you out of your bedroom and throw you in an entirely different universe. The headset and sound system can make you completely oblivious to the world /your bedroom.

It’s More Common Than You Think

The video sheds some light on this phenomenon and some of the hilarious actions that are sure to follow when a first-time player enters the virtual world.

While immersed in what looks like a VR military game, the newbie drops a digital grenade, triggering her to run off (as anyone should do in a real-world situation) and face-plant directly into the wall.  

It seems, she is ok but we are not too sure about the headset. VR videos like this are always popping up as more and more players buy into the VR hype. There are tons of videos like this floating around the internet. Just be sure to be safe while playing your next VR game.

Do you have a funny  VR story? Leave your story below in the comments. 

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