Go Back in Time With This Footage From 1895 Rendered in 4K

The video shows a family going on vacation.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Time travel! If only it was possible. Oh, the things we would see!

Now, footage has shown up from 1895 that has been rendered in majestic 4K at 6 fps of a family going on a trip. The video doesn't show anything too exciting.

The family gets ready to board a horse-drawn carriage, loads their luggage, passes a baby around, and waves goodbye, but the images are still mesmerizing. This is because they illustrate a time rarely seen on camera.

The original footage was shot by French inventors Auguste and Louis Lumière. You may remember these two. The birth of cinema has been attributed to them due to their invention of the Cinématographe motion picture system.

The brothers were known for making “actualités" movies which were essentially small short documentary films.

There's no mention of who the family traveling is and if anyone is indeed related to the Lumière brothers. The footage remains mysterious and elusive, which perhaps adds to its charm.

Watching it, you cannot help but wonder where this family is going and if indeed they will reach their destination safely. How safe were horse carriages back then and how smooth were the roads? The video both amuses and perplexes.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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