Go-Kart Clutch Pushed to Failure Melts in Slow Motion

You might want to put on your protective goggles for this one.
Derya Ozdemir

If you get a kick out of watching what's happening in vehicles and engines, this video might just be what you need today. The Warped Perception YouTube channel points his slow-motion camera at centrifugal clutches to see how much stress they can take by working them in place.

As you might already know, centrifugal clutches are different from the usual thing that we see on cars. They are more common on vehicles such as scooters and go-karts, and as you'd imagine, they are prone to fail if a lot of stress is put on them.

The video is incredibly high quality, and it is filmed with a high-speed camera in slow motion and ultra-slow motion. If you think clutches are mundane, then the moments where the hot metal is flying everywhere might change your mind about it.