Going Green: Why Electric Planes Are Inevitable

As regulators put forward more carbon taxes for flying, it makes sense for airlines to go green.

Electric planes might seem like a far-away dream despite several projects underway. But according to YouTube channel Wendover Productions, they are inevitably coming. Why?

They argue airlines are terrified of regulations that are sustainability-based and that will cut down their trips such as canceling short flights that can be done in trains that emit a lot fewer carbon emissions.

Airlines don't have good arguments against such regulations unless flying becomes less carbon-intensive. And it's increasingly becoming the case that in order to be competitive, airlines must be green especially since governments are bound to increasingly add carbon taxes.

Biofuels, carbon offsetting, and efficiency innovations can only go so far. Even with all these measures, flights consume carbon-intensive fuel, which means only electric planes can really make a difference.

Electric aircraft have actually been around since as far back as 1973. There is currently not a lot technologically that's stopping electric planes from existing. They just have not been developed because there was not a lot of a business case for them... until now.

Add to that the fact that electric batteries are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and the chances that we will soon all be flying electric seem pretty good. And that's something to rejoice in!

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